Should my child help to decide if he/she goes to camp?

Youth need to have a say in the decision to attend camp. Making this decision together gives your child a healthy sense of self-direction. Once the decision has been made, relaxed family conversations can help children set realistic goals for their camp experience.

How much down time do the campers have?

We follow a daily schedule that provides routine and structure, but within that schedule, there’s flexibility with ample time to hang out, step back and experience the moment. It’s one of the beauties of camp. We don’t hurry to get to the next thing. We have time to enjoy one another and, most importantly, to have fun. For a closer look at the daily schedule, CLICK HERE.

What is the age range of the counselors?

Youth counselors in training are between the ages of 19 and 20, our counselors are at least 21 years old and adult counselors are above the age of 30. All counselors must have some experience working with youth and will have to attend a mandatory training before being chosen as a counselor.

What are the expectations for camper’s behavior while they are at camp?

Camp Silah is all about respect. We expect that all campers will respect themselves, other people, the staff of Camp Magruder, as well as the facilities. Respectful behavior will help to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone at camp. Campers are expected to be “good citizens” and display proper behavior while at camp. On the first day of camp, each camp group will further discuss the group’s expectations for good camp behavior. Parents and campers will both be required to sign a Code of Conduct as a part of registration. Camp Silah reserves the right to suspend any camper that does not abide by our expectations for good camper behavior

Is Camp Silah an allergy-free camp?

Camp Silah does its best to accommodate campers with allergies, and provides options for separated lunch areas. If your child has an allergy, our staff is trained in Medication Administration and Standard Precautions. All campers with food allergies are required to provide an Emergency Action Plan related to their specific medical needs. No food containing nuts, sesame seeds, or dairy products are allowed to be brought into camp.

Do you have a nurse on staff?

Yes. This year we will have 3 nurses. They will all be able to administer any medications your child might be taking, as well as treat any bumps, bruises, bee stings, etc.

What kind of activities do we do all day, do we just listen to lectures?

Every day is a new day, new experience! There is a balance of fun and learning - camp programs are made up of a variety of interactive workshops, recreation, planned activities and more. There are lectures, but they are strategically placed into the camp program, and Camp Silah approved speakers are all among some of the best, so they make lectures engaging for everyone. We will also have lots of sporting events, boat rides, beach activities, and more!